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Hi! I’m Kaija. I write books with characters like me. Autistic, queer, kinky, mentally ill, and mixed-race. I so rarely see these traits in fiction, so decided to write it myself.

This is my author site.

When I turned eleven, my Maternal unit told me I should write down a particularly vivid dream and gave me pen and paper. That’s where I started, and I’ve been writing since. Honestly, I think she was just tired of my chattering, but it lit a life-long passion. Until about six years ago, I never thought of it as more than an enjoyable hobby.

My degrees are in Bio-physical Anthropology and Forensic Chemistry, Masters of Teaching in World History and I have many minors; I jumped around a lot in university because I loved it so much. I have minors in English (Creative Writing, English Literature) History, Psychology, Linguistics, Graphics Design, and Modern Dance among other things.

I’ve worked many interesting jobs for money, trail horse guiding, bookstore clerk, high power sales to the US gov’t, textbook/video sales, aromatherapist, middle eastern dance instructor, tailor, and history teacher among others. Writing and Editing are the only careers I’ve come close to making a living at that don’t drive me crazier than I already am.

And I’m very crazy. (Note: only I or people I love get to call me crazy, I’m reclaiming it.)

My list of diagnosed mental illnesses include OCD with intrusive thoughts, chronic severe depression, generalized anxiety disorder, C-PTSD, and a few others I don’t talk about because frankly, I get enough harassment just being out about being autistic, queer, and mentally ill. I don’t need more.

I’m a geek, and proud of it. If it’s geeky, I’ve probably done it, watched it, or obsessed about it.

I love nature, and my brain is both logical and science-oriented. I’m constantly feeding information to my brain, if I don’t, unpleasant thoughts start up. But this means I EARN my title of Walking Encyclopedia!

I enjoy genealogy, probably too much, but it’s a lot of fun for me. I’ve gone off the deep end tracing my and my partner’s family lines. I long to someday walk the lands of my ancestors by traveling.

I’m a decent cook when I bother to try, and when I’m not writing, I might be found in the kitchen with a cookbook.

I like old world crafts, I make jewellery, spin with a spinning wheel, knit, and do needlework. All when my muse leaves me time and energy for those hobbies.

I’m also a HUGE gamer. My main MMORPG is ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) and I’m always looking for new friends there. I play numerous other games as well, Modded Minecraft, Sims4, Witcher (all), Assassin’s Creed, and other games like those.

My musical taste is truly eclectic, and I go through phases. Currently, I’m listening to a lot of metal and hip-hop.

I enjoy writing erotic romance, urban fantasy, science-fantasy, and erotica because many of us have fantasies. I love living in fantasy worlds because they’re almost always kinder than the real one. Especially to someone like me.

I get to take my readers on a journey into falling in love, maybe while saving the world and factually based BDSM experiences. How great is that? I think it’s pretty amazing. (Especially ’cause I don’t have to leave the house to do it.)

I’m bisexual, demisexual, grey-aromantic, kinky, and speak sassy snark as a second language. I’m mixed race, autistic, mentally ill, and an introvert. I have EDS, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. It causes me physical issues because I wasn’t correctly diagnosed ’til my 40s. I passionately advocate for diversity and I always will. My stories are always going to be diverse.

Many think and dream about other worlds and being other people, I love to offer my gift of words to them. We all need that brief vacation away from our everyday.

Daydreaming and fantasy are stunning gifts of the human spirit. I love using my gift of words to write fantasies for others.

If you want to get in touch with me, you can email me at kaija.rayne.author@gmail.com. Due to a truly obscene amount of cruelty, bullying, and harassment, I don’t have contact forms on my site. Nor do I do much with social media, not anymore.

And like many full-time authors, I struggle financially. If you want to help me out, buying my books directly from me, something from my Amazon wishlist, cash to my PayPal, or Patreon is the absolute BEST way you can. Thanks!

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My email address is kaija.rayne.author@gmail.com

If you have something to say to me, please do it that way. Please note that due to the harassment I’ve experienced, I use an ISP tracker. If you’re not meaning to harm me, it’s not an issue. It’s there as backup in case I have to get the authorities involved in cyberbullying issues again.

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