Review: NYN: AN EROTIC ORDEAL by Robin C. Corte

SFF Erotica


*I received a review copy from the author for an unbiased review.

This story is odd, but I liked it. It’s incredibly diverse and interesting. Fascinating even.

It’s erotica, first and foremost, so there’s not a lot of worldbuilding, but there’s enough to give the reader a sense of place.

I write erotica as well as erotic romance, so I admit I approached the book with a higher expectation of craft than I would for another kind of review. When I’m reading erotica or erotic romance for review, I tend to judge it harder (ahem) than I would other types of writing.

The craft of the writing is excellent, few editorial issues other than a preponderance of the use of Nyn’s name. A few of those could’ve been polished out.

There were a couple of uses of ‘felt’ that could also have been written a bit more strongly, but by and large the writing is clean and not clunky. The voice is excellent and pulls you into the story.

I don’t care for the cover, and as a cover artist, I wouldn’t have chosen to use that style for a book like this. It does accurately capture a lot about the story, and I can see why the author would’ve chosen it.

Nyn though, what an interesting experience. I can’t share too much about it without spoilers, but I’ll say this is an incredibly unique piece of erotica and I’d recommend picking it up to read for yourself.

I had a couple of issues with some of the language uses, but these are personal choice types of things and in fairness, I wouldn’t let it impact the review.

To be specific, if a guy’s cock is referred to as a fungus, it’s a total turn-off for me. (Mushroom shaped) like I said, it’s just a personal preference because this kind of language is used all the time in erotica. I much prefer specific description than euphemism or purple prose.

Did the book do what erotica is supposed to do for the reader? Oh yes.

I’ll just give you a lewd wink and leave it there with the recommendation to see for yourself.

Readability: 5/5 stars. Broken up into smaller chunks, Nyn’s adventures kept me reading for a few days.

Arcs: 5/5 stars: For erotica, there’s enough story to keep you interested, but that’s the defining line between erotica, which are basically snapshots into sexual escapades and erotic romance, which is story with a lot of erotic encounters, in which the story can’t be separated from the erotic. So, given that, it does it’s job well.

Craft 4/5 stars: A few places could have been better written, but by and large it’s well crafted.

Would I buy it for a friend? Yes, if I knew they liked SFF, diversity and hot sex? Definitely.

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