Book Review: SURRENDER TO SIN by Nicola Davidson

Historical (Regency) Erotic Romance Novella (Book one of THE FALLEN)



To save her, he must ruin her.

Lord Sebastian St. John, dedicated bachelor and a co-owner of Fallen, the most scandalous pleasure club in London, is known as Sin for good reason. Orphaned by a shocking accident, Sin long ago vowed a life of solitude and decadence. Yet when Lady Grace Carrington begs for his help destroying her reputation, Sin can’t turn the ton’s most proper lady away.

Obedient daughter, wife, and young widow, Grace has had enough of being controlled. After her father arranges a second loveless marriage to an eminently respectable ancient, Grace plans a fortnight of defiance and self-ruination to stop the wedding. But as Grace enters the heady, risky world of an affair with Sin, she finds herself inexplicably drawn to him—and she soon realizes two weeks won’t be nearly enough.


I am so addicted to Ms. Davidson’s words. This is the third of her novellas I’ve devoured, and once I start reading one I don’t do anything else and get very grumpy when I’m interrupted.


So I tend to savor them after the kids are down for the night or else wise distracted.

THE FALLEN series is my favorite of her series (so far). I’ve purchased everything she has out, and I couldn’t be happier that I did. It’s also given me a new publishing line to check out, SCORCHED from Entangled Publishing. (Fans self—exactly what I lust for in erotic romance!)

My only problem now is that I want the NEXT one of THE FALLEN to read and it’s not out yet.

This one, man… have you ever licked hot fudge off of a spoon just ’cause you like the taste of it? That’s what this story is like. Dark, rich, sensual, and utterly delicious.

Sin is the bad-boy with the heart of gold and Grace is the repressed by society wild-at-heart woman who needs his help. When they come together sparks almost literally flew off the pages of my e-reader.

I wouldn’t have been at all surprised if the words on the page had short-circuited my kindle app.

Hie thee hence and snap these novellas up, you won’t be sorry.


Readability: 5/5 Fast, easy, upmarket, fiction. I really didn’t want to put it down to get the kids to bed.

Arcs: 5/5 Well-plotted, well-realized story and characters that leave me wanting more (please tell me there are going to be more of these, like a LOT more, I adore the setting of the regency kink club Fallen.)

Craft: 5/5 Voice sucked me in from page one, but there were a few more uses of passive voice than I prefer to see. I have a terrible dislike of the word ‘was’ from an editorial standpoint. If it’s used in a way that weakens a sentence, it always throws me out of a story. That’s because I work as a developmental editor and it’s kind of my job, so for most people this likely won’t register. Even with that, the characters, story, plotting and setting is so perfect it still ranks 5 stars.

Thank you again for yet another delicious book Ms. Davidson, do keep them coming and I will certainly keep buying them.