Review: THE DEVIL’S SUBMISSION by Nicola Davidson

Adult historical romance with accurate kink.

Devils Submission.jpg

Oh, my goodness. I’m so glad I followed a fellow writer’s suggestion to buy and read the novella THE DEVIL’S SUBMISSION by Nicola Davidson.

It’s hard to find well-written and edited erotic romance (that I haven’t written myself) with a switch or submissive male. Almost like hunting for unicorns, to be honest.

It’s a regency historical too, and the author got the details RIGHT. I could actually enjoy the story instead of having to shove the part of me that reveled in obtaining a Masters in Teaching with a concentration on World History deep down where it wouldn’t bother my reading. I could… just read. That is becoming sort of like the one-horned wonder hunt in itself these days.

Ms. Davidson captured me quickly with her voice, within two pages she’d hooked me hard and I knew I wouldn’t be doing the dishes tonight.

It’s a fast, easy read at about 83 pages and my editor brain slept through most of it. (I’m annoyed, as I always am that lending isn’t an option. My book, I bought it, should be able to lend it.)

I would have preferred a bit more aftercare shown after the BDSM scenes, especially the one with a cane. They’re well-written, and the author knows her stuff about where and how to use a cane, but aftercare is something I really like to see in books containing BDSM.

If you, like me, lust for well-written kink stories that are also well-edited, you’ll want to pick this one up.

It’s the second in the series, but you don’t actually have to read the first one to thoroughly enjoy it. (I didn’t even know it WAS the second book because I didn’t pay attention.) That said, Ms. Davidson handles this magnificently and I’m not left wanting more information like some series I’ve reviewed on here.

I’m certainly going to be looking for more of Ms. Davidson’s work. (Read as I already bought two more.)


Readability: 5/5 Fast, easy commercial level read. Hooked me hard at the beginning and I sat here on the couch tonight reading it instead of doing what I was supposed to be doing.

Arcs: 5/5 It’s a novella, which some authors seem to struggle with. Ms. Davidson doesn’t. The arcs are well written and fleshed out enough that regardless of length, they’re perfect. I’m satisfied after reading it.

Craft: 5/5 Also a high score here, my only caveats are lack of aftercare in the BDSM scenes, I honestly only caught one use of passive voice and two filter words.