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Maelcolm… Righ’sa Tourmaeline Na Erieria aka Mael

Pronounced Malcolm, it’s just the older spelling of the name.

He’s about 6’4″ and roughly 230pds of flexible muscle, cause he’s a cat genetic modification and he has brown skin (as in brown, brown, not tan white guy brown.)

He wears enough tattoos to cover about 3/4 of his flesh in the traditional Ilavanian Companion formations.

He has pierced nipples, navel, and lower lip. Anywhere else, you’ll have to read the book to find out.

He’s athletic and has waist length, wavy, hair of three colors (lol, it’s science fantasy, he has tri-colored hair from his cat-genes) red, brown and gold.

He has cat slit pupils and his eyes are green (sorta).

At the start of the series, he’s over 200 earth years old.

Everything on my image board evokes something of Mael for me.

Mael is pansexual and his gifts are Expressive Aphrodisia. He is autistic.

Cam… Righ’sa Cameron Tànaiste Na Erieria

Cam is a bit shorter than his younger brother Mael, he’s roughly 6’3″, 240 pds. He’s also athletic but slightly more well-fleshed than Mael because he’s more of a bureaucrat than a working spy/companion. It’s still expected by his court that he keep himself fit, though.

He’s not as tattooed as Mael is, but his arms and upper back are inked.

He and Mael, though born to different mothers are a set of brothers who look so close to twins that they might as well be. Their coloration is different, Cam has blue eyes, and slightly lighter (still brown) skin.

At the start of the series, he’s over 200 earth years old.

Here is his board.

Cam is bisexual and his gifts are Expressive Aphrodisia.

Kataniya Na Earth

Kat is a neko, so she looks a lot like a cat-girl. She’s of First Nations, African and Danish genetics as well as Berman cat and leopard.

At the time the first book opens, she’s 22 Earth years old. She’s an indentured servant bred to be a sex-slave. She’s 6’1″ and weighs around 210 pounds. She’s no skinny miss.

She has red-brown skin, platinum-silver hair, and blue eyes. She has fur on her forearms, part of her back and her lower legs.

She’s basically Jessica Rabbit in cat form as far as figure goes, in other words, Kat is extremely full-figured and by any modern definition of the word would be considered fat or obese.

At the start of the series, she has no ink or piercings, because she’s property.

Kat hasn’t told me her sexual orientation yet nor can I tell you what her gifts are because it’s a spoiler! Kat is autistic and suffers from depression.

Los… Astrophilos Va Erieria

Oh Los. I torture you so. Don’t worry, you’ll be okay. I promise. I think?

Los is an angel. Lol, he’s a winged humanoid of First Nations and Norwegian decent, better? He has red-brown skin, lion gold eyes (he’s a tri-blend of Avis gen-con, Leo gen-con and Pantheris gen-con) so his eyes look like a lion’s.

His wings and hair are white, he’s fully tattooed in the manner of companions. He also wears a lot of body piercings. Lower lip, nipples, naval, nose… anywhere else you’ll have to read the books to find out!

He’s 6’5 and 250 of carved muscle. He’s more heavily muscled because he has to be able to fly. (Yes, I know it’s a scientific impossibility, shhh…. science FANTASY!)

Los is pansexual and his gifts are also a spoiler! He suffers from depression.

Li… Carnelian Va Erieria… Salinas(deadname)

Li. What can I say about xyr? My developmental editor tells me xie is my most likely stand in for this series, and he knows me pretty well, so maybe. I always thought Mael was, but who knows. They’re all my brain-babies, and part of me is in all of them.

Li is from Chinese, Swedish and Northern Indian genetics. Xie has green eyes, golden-brown skin, and waist length black hair that gleams red in the light. (Yep, this exists in real life.) Xie wears full companion tattoos, has pierced nipples, naval and lower lip. Anything else is a spoiler.

Xie’s 6’0″, blade thin, androgynous, and weighs about 170 pounds of almost pure muscle. Any fat weight xie carries is on xyr small breasts and butt.

Li is bisexual, xyr gifts are extremely strong telepathy, eidetic memory, and life-sense.

Maiike Na Foraoise

Mai is my wild child. Raised beyond the walls she’s the part of me that grew up rambling through forested mountains without shoes.

She has scarlet red hair, blue eyes, very pale skin and yes, freckles. She’s about 5’4″ and 140 pounds. She has facial lineage tattoos and that’s it at the beginning of the book.

Mai is a marked and acknowledged seer. That means she gets a special set of stones to wear (star sapphire) that no one other than a seer is allowed, by law, to wear.

Her gifts are Telepathy, Empathy, Aura-reading, Intuition, Lucid Dreaming, Psychometry, Retrocognition, Precognition (limited), second sight.

She has severe PTSD from her father’s murder and lacks memory of her early life. She has anxiety.

Alexander, Righ of Erieria

Alexander is Mael and Cam’s father. He’s chronically ill and his symptoms… while I’ve put them down to a genetic aging called the withering, are based on my own fibromyalgia.

He’s 6’3″ and has wasted away to very thin from pain and lack of exercise due to his condition.

He’s in agony, every second of every day.

He’s over 700 earth years old at the beginning of the book.

Sub-Commander Simon Na Erieria

Simon is Mael and Cam’s first cousin, so he’s Alexander’s sister’s son.

His genetic modifications are for speed and strength making him an excellent warrior and bodyguard. He’s incredibly close to Mael, but is Cam’s bodyguard. If he wanted to claim it, he’d be a land holding Dal.

Simon is bisexual and his gifts are a spoiler!