Freelance Editorial Services

Please see for price information.


Email me here if I haven’t covered the information you need.

Please include Genre, age range of title, a blurb (think back cover copy) and time period you’d be interested in booking. Please try to book at least two months in advance if you can.

I do NOT charge a reading fee.

All prices are in US dollars and must be paid in full prior to start date. Unfortunately, a lot of people have made this necessary.

Please Note: All prices, unless otherwise indicated, are for a single pass through your manuscript or material.

Diversity and authenticity editing (formerly known as sensitivity reading):

$350/manuscript up to 150k words or prearranged barter. If you can’t afford the fees, please contact me and we can try to work something out.

This service is available in any of the following areas, or a combination of them all.

Polyamorous lifestyle and relationships
BDSM lifestyle (SSC and RACK styles)
Asperger’s/autism (I’m autistic and so is my partner)
Parenting autistic kids (Both of ours are)
Chronic illness/pain (I have several chronic pain or illness conditions. Fibromyalgia, traumatic injury, EDS, POTS, MCAS)
Childhood abuse survivor
Mixed race
Ex-pat living (US citizen living abroad)
Immigrant existence
Historical re-enactment
Working in a laboratory
Anthropological practices
Forensic scene call-outs
Surviving rape or sexual assault
Being raised very poor
Alcoholic parents
Narcotics addicted parents
Gaslighting parents
Being trans
Being queer
Loss of family-of-origin due to being queer
Found family
Several mental illnesses, ask if you’re not sure if I can do a particular one.


$2500.00 per full-length user’s manual, technical manual, guidebook etc up to 500 pages, longer works are acceptable but we’ll have to base the cost on the length. I’ve worked for Fortune 500 companies (Text book publishing and then Mapping Software) where I’ve worked on these types of projects before. I have a minor in English Lit/Creative writing and I’m willing to work with any subject matter except math above trigonometry.


Fiction Age Category I work with: Adult. I’ll consider extremely dark YA on a case-by-case basis. I will work with charming middle grade and picture books as well.

Genres I work with:

Romance: Historical, Futuristic, Fantasy, Contemporary.
Historical Fiction
True Crime
Fantasy (Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Magical Realism, High Fantasy, Historical Fantasy)
Erotic Romance
Science Fiction (hard or soft, but I’m a scientist by training so work well with hard)
Gamelit & LitRPG (I’m willing to work with harem, but only well written harem please).

I am absolutely NOT a good fit for Inspirational/Christian centered concepts or for graphic domestic violence stories involving female abuse.

About Me:

Kaija Rayne

I am a traditionally published author run away from trad pub forever. I got sick of the abuse. I’m a professional editor (it’s my day job) and a diversity and authenticity editor.

I have a Master’s in Education (major World History) and a B.A. in Biophysical anthropology and Forensics chemistry with minors in English Literature and Creative Writing.

My skills are excellent with the following:

Sex scenes that sizzle
Accurate BDSM writing
World Building
Pointing out where you can ground your scenes/make things realistic.

My critique partners and clients have told me my suggestions are gold.

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