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BlOODBOUND is the series starter.

Content Warnings for BloodBound

Prelude of BloodBound

Ace Assassin Series Appendix

Second edition cover: The amazing cover artist is Natasha Snow of Natasha Snow Designs.


Second Edition Blurb:

An assassin makes a terrible ambassador.

Rhian’s greatest skills aren’t based around negotiation but delivering the final word. However, the Dark God Arawn saw something else in her. Or he was desperate. Either way, he assigns his favourite pwca, a Welsh black-dog shapeshifter, as the newest ambassador for Ontario—it’s a thankless job.

She needs to preserve the myth that the supernatural is only an illusion. Otherkin are terrible at hiding, and it’s Rhian’s duty to tidy up after them. In between that and keeping the veil in place, she has to investigate her predecessor’s murder, which doesn’t lean into Rhian’s lethal prowess. That means working with her estranged partner, Kai, who was first on the scene.

The only man Rhian ever needed, and the one man she can’t forgive. That complicates everything. Acting on the desires she’s repressed for three hundred years will violate her vow of loyalty to Arawn. If she neglects her duty, the veil could fall. War breaking out between humanity and the supernatural would doom the world.

And if she breaks her vow of loyalty… well, Arawn is known as the Dark God for a reason.

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Content Warnings for SoulBound

First Chapter of SoulBound

SoulBound First Edition Cover: Again, the artist is Natasha Snow of Natasha Snow Designs.


SoulBound Blurb:

Assassins still make terrible ambassadors.

Rhian’s new role as Arawn’s earthbound dogsbody stultifies the former assassin.

Changes haunt every aspect of Rhian’s life, and transition hasn’t ever been easy for her. What’s a person to do when she’s supposed to make friends with her partner’s lover, murder her evil twin, squash a smuggling ring dealing in human trade, train 17th-century assassins in the ways of the 21st-century, and study a gigantic book about the magic crawling over her skin in ancient, swirling tattoos?

Running away can’t be the answer.

While her job is a mess, her personal life has explosive potential. Needing some sort of friendly relationship with Lynn—Kai’s disturbingly attractive lover—complicates everything. Gods help her if she fails to deal with her issues and avoid messy complications in her private and business lives.

Wild magic now flows through her veins, which threatens humanity all by itself.

First Chapter of Soulbound

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I obsessively keep Pinterest boards for all of my characters and books. If you’d like to see the inspirational images I use when writing this series, here’s the main Ace Assassin board.

Here is Rhian’s

and Kai’s

here is Kai’s lover, Lynn’s.

and this one is for the Dark God, Arawn who plays a rather significant role in the book, even if He isn’t a main character.

The book is set in London, Ontario, Canada. But Wales plays a big part in it. Especially Welsh Folklore.


Here’s the gorgeous first edition cover, the cover artist is the incredibly talented and skilled Natasha Snow. Blood-Bound-f500 (1)

I have no idea how she managed to capture the main character Rhian so very well, but she did.

First Edition Blurb:

Rhian is content in her life. As a pwca, a Welsh shapeshifter, she is bound to the Dark God Arawn as an assassin. So when he assigns her as ambassador to oversee Ontario for him, it’s a shock.

Her new job? To find out who murdered her predecessor and bring them to justice, as well as to oversee the otherkin and clean up their messes before the humans find them—all to preserve the illusion that magic and supernatural creatures do not exist.

The problem? One of the otherkin she’s supposed to oversee is her estranged husband, Kai, the only person Rhian never regretted having sex with, and the only one she can’t forgive.

This book is so important to me, I dearly hope everyone loves it even 1/4 as much as I do.

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Full Appendix: There’s an appendix in the back of the book, but if, like me, you read mostly e-books, it can be a pain to access. So, here it is if you want to have it up as you read.

Cut and paste for appendix:

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Print ISBN: 978-1-948608-91-6

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-948608-80-0


and some fun stuff!

First chapter!

My thoughts on release day, blog post.

PLEASE NOTE, this is being fixed BUT!: The entire list of content and trigger warnings that I sent to my publisher did not make it through the proofing process. There is a graphic motor-vehicle accident that is not CWd in the front matter. Here is the FULL content and trigger warning list.

“Warning: This book contains sexually explicit content, which may only be suitable for mature readers, rough sex with willing participants, reference to tickling as coercion, mention of food and alcohol, graphic violence, motor vehicle accident, discussion of depression, suicidal ideation and past attempt, on page panic attack, ableist language as self-identification, child death, parental separation, allusion to rape, blood-letting and exchange, reference to self-harm.”

This is the story of how Rhian and her estranged husband Kai get forced back into contact with one another.

Since they ended things on a rather unpleasant note, neither of them know what to expect from the other.

There’s even a fan club for the series on Facebook!