Asking for help shouldn’t hurt



But it did.

It moved me to tears.

Not exaggerating, I’m still sniffling while I’m trying to write this.

It shouldn’t BE so hard to ask for help.

But it made me feel worthless. Here’s the tweet thread.

then this

but it feels so hard to ask for that dollar a month from people in my patreon.

It really does.

I’ve spoken about the historical and ever-present need for patronage of the arts 

but to know that I NEED the help of others to keep making diverse books happen.

It’s hard to admit.

I’m well educated (thanks to an overabundance of student loans I’m paying off).

but because of Canadian licensure requirements, I can’t work in those fields, not without going back to school.

I have such a calling to write diverse stories and to publish others. But I can’t do it without help.

Help I cried to ask for.

Man… does capitalism ever suck ass or what?