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So, this article is making its way around writer twitter.

I have thoughts about it.

Politics on your author website

I disagree with everything in me. I don’t want people who hold the diametric opposite of my beliefs reading my words. If my belief that diversity is a strength, that inclusivity is beautiful and that love is love drive people away from my writing? Good. My words aren’t for them. In this world, I’m political just by drawing breath, my brand IS me, and what people are buying when they buy my books is ME. My experience, my passion for my beliefs, if it drives agents away? Fine, I wouldn’t be able to work with them anyway. My readers love my words, and that’s who the story is for. Them, and me.

If people can’t see past their own prejudices enough to enjoy the story as I’ve written it, then that’s their loss, not mine. If people can’t accept that authors are people with their own opinions and thoughts and gasp, political leanings as well, also their loss.

I don’t want to be a successful author badly enough to sacrifice who I am.

I’m not sure anyone should want that, it’s part of what makes bad stories. Lack of passion and willingness to commit to learning.


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