One those days

The good ones.

I know, right? Lately, I’ve been a bit doom and gloom here, but, I go through phases. Today I accepted a job offer as an Editor at Thurston Howl Pub which had me giggling and happy for hours. (Still am, and I have a project to edit, too.) AND I got some extremely needed feedback on the book I’ve been querying and not getting anywhere with.

You know… the kind of feedback that lights your soul up like a 100 watt and helps you figure out exactly what you’ve been doing wrong?

Yeah, that kind of feedback.

I FINALLY know what I’ve been doing wrong with that book, and my gods… I needed to know that so very badly. I can edit the living daylights out of someone else’s writing, and they usually thank me for being kind while I do it. For my own work? I’m at sea. Even great writers need editors, and I finally got the feedback I needed.

So. Once I get done drafting Ace Assassin, I’ll return to Ilavani and fix it. Then start another round of querying. If no one wants it then I’ll indie it and you all can judge what I’ve been talking about for yourselves.

Regardless of what happens, I hope to gods you’ll love it as much as I do. That book, the characters and the world it’s in are my heart child. I love all of my characters and worlds, but Ilavani is that one that I just couldn’t shelve forever. (I have books on the shelf of oh gods I’m never going to look at them again they’re so bad, trust me) I didn’t want Ilavani to stay there.

Now, maybe it won’t have to.