Write Kink Right

WRITE KINK RIGHT IS ON HIATUS- My intent was to use it as an educational tool, but this isn’t working the way I’d hoped. After feedback from some people, I think a different venue for this would be more appropriate.

So, unless/until I can find a co-moderator who has ideas on how it can be used as a drawing together chat for writers who write kink, I’ll leave it be.

I’ve learned a lot via the medium of hashtags and twitter chats within the writing community. Kink, as anyone who knows me or read my work knows, is an extremely important topic to me.

I want people to get it right in writing.

By this point, most of us know about the existence of a certain series of shades books and movies which have made a killing, glorifying everything kink is NOT.

With that in mind, I’ve started a new hash-tag and monthly twitter chat which will surround topics involving kink. We may at times slide into tangential topics as well. It will be an organic conversation each week with a series of questions. As many twitter chats are.

Find out about it on twitter or here.





I’ll be hosting the monthly chats on the last Saturday night of each month at 9pm EDT/EST I hope you’ll join me!

How to participate.

Go to the hashtag #WKRchat on the last Saturday of the month at 9pm EDT/EST. The first chat is scheduled for January 28th, 2017.

Scan through the feed for the question cards/images. RETWEET the question card with your answer in the quote.

EX: RT’d card,

A1: This is how I write this, this is my answer to the card/question #WKRchat

Don’t forget the hashtag. Let’s be nice to one another and use this as a venue to share how we write about things we love. Answer questions nicely. Not everyone is an expert in the lifestyle and we want writers who want to write about kink or represent kink to get it right.

I will boot anyone who denigrates another’s kinks. We play by the rules of ‘my kink may not be your kink and that’s okay. AKA If it’s consensual between of age partners it doesn’t matter if it’s not my kink, I will be polite and respectful of others.’

Also. No porn. Lol, I love porn, but the twitter chat on writing isn’t the place for it.


Some links about some of the topics we’ve discussed.

Dominant, submissive, switch

Safe Word – Safeing out


A psychotherapist’s view on Kink  This is a very useful article on the basics of kink.

5 major myths about Kink 

6 major myths about Kink (different ones)

Sexuality.org Introduction to BDSM

Never tried BDSM? Go on, it’s good for you.

More than just the basics:

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