Winterviews Blog Hop 2017-2018


Hi! Welcome to the blog hop. My partners and I have a fascinating line up for you this year.

First let me introduce my partners in this here enterprise, with much thanks to K.J. Harrowick, our organizer.

Seriously, it’s like herding cats, so much thanks to her.

Book Reviewer & Music Therapist
Interviewed on 1 December 2017 

A.J. SuperA.J. Super
Science Fiction Author
Interviewed on 4 December 2017

M. A. GuglielmoM. A. Guglielmo
Fantasy Author
Interviewed 8 December 2017

Chloe QuinnChloe Quinn
Romance Author
Interviewed 11 December 2017

Lexi MilesLexi Miles
Romance Author
Interviewed 17 December 2017


Winterviews Host and Organizer
K.J. Harrowick.jpgK.J. Harrowick
Interviewed on 20 December 2017

Author Interviews:

Sarah J Sover Sarah J. Sover
Fantasy Author
Interviewed on 21 December 2017

Simon Cottrell.jpgSimone Cottrell
Director of Outreach at
The Artist’s Laboratory Theatre
Interviewed on 28 December 2017

Alon Shalev.jpgAlon Shalev
Fantasy Author
Interviewed on 4 January 2018

George R. McNeese.jpgGeorge R. McNeese
Short Story Author
Interviewed on 11 January 2018

Stephanie Sauvinet.jpgStephanie Sauvinet
Science Fiction & Medical Author
Interviewed on 18 January 2018