Where oh where is Kaelan?

Where can you find me on the web?

I’m very active on twitter. I have a Facebook page where I’ll occasionally post interesting things. I keep a Pinterest account and boards of pics that have inspired each of my characters. I’m just figuring out Instagram, but I’ll get there! I also sporadically blog on Tumblr.

@KaelanRhy on twitter

Kaelan Rhywiol on Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr

Pinterest, because I obsessively pin pics and links of images that have inspired each of my characters/worlds.

If you’d like to help keep me writing, a couple dollars a month can really help.  Patreon… and you get goodies that no one else gets to see.  😉

I live in Southern Ontario, Canada with my beloved French-Canadian husband who spoke such gorgeous French (he was wearing a kilt too!) when we met that I immediately lost my mind and heart. We have two kids, a grumpy chinchilla and a very large orange cat who puts the term ‘foot fetishist’ into perspective. Born and raised in the upstate NY area of the US I married the love of my life after meeting him at a historical reenactment event in Pennsylvania. (If you’re wondering, yes, we met at Pennsic).