Review: SOME KIND OF MAGIC by Mary Ann Marlowe

*I received an ARC in return for an unbiased review.

Contemporary Erotic Romance- Releases January 31, 2017


A retelling of Love Potion No9? Sign me up!

On top of one of my favorite movies of ever being retold in prose, with a few twists, I deeply enjoyed the well-rounded, fleshed-out and very real characters of this book.

It’s hard, sometimes, as an author, to do that. It takes a lot of work behind the scenes that the reader never sees and I’m thrilled that Ms. Marlowe did it because it made me adore her characters.

I’m not a sucker for ‘rock star romance’ I mean it’s not really my thing because I don’t have a fantasy of sleeping with my favorite rock star (lol, not even Levine, who I find soooo sexy) but I loved the MC Adam in this book, his trials and issues made him well rounded and believable. I am a scientist, and the FMC Eden was represented quite well in all aspects of that, including her list of things for a mate! (hah, so true to form there, at least for me). The way Eden thinks makes her a highly empathetic character for me.

Ms. Marlowe’s voice leaps up off the page and grabs you by the throat, refusing to let you go until you finish the book and the sex… oh my… I don’t make any bones about loving graphic, open door sex scenes that melt my panties, and my desires (ahem) were met perfectly in this book. The sex didn’t fall into the trap of being gratuitous either, there was enough story to carry it.

The story is smart (yay for smart writing!) and well written, with few editorial issues and the pace is page turning. It even had a satisfying emotional feel to it, which not every book can do for me.

Did I forget to mention it’s funny, too? It is. One-liners, sly jokes and laugh-out-loud humor kept me smiling throughout. I needed those laughs today.

I look forward to reading anything else Ms. Marlowe writes.


Readability: 5/5 stars: Page turning, I read it cover to cover in three hours. Seriously, my coffee got cold (and I love coffee, so for me to forget to drink it says something). When I finished it I hugged the book and grinned. 😀

Arcs: 5/5 stars: Can I just say, I love it when an author makes characters with real arcs in their books? They aren’t perfect, cookie cutter like shapes and they screw up, fail to communicate, make mistakes? Ms. Marlowe does this so well.

Writing Craft: 5/5 stars: My editor brain slept through the story, meaning I could really enjoy the story. It’s a rare thing to find a book that lets me do that these days, and lately, I’ve been finding them in the debut authors section of writing.

Would I buy it for a friend? Yes. I’d definitely buy it for any friend who loves contemporary erotic romance.

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