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Hiya! I’ve complained on twitter a few times that I just can’t find enough polyamorous romance to read, and I really can’t. So, since most times that I’ve mentioned it I’m asked for titles, I figured I’d make a permanent list.

Without further ado, books with accurate polyamorous romance (not love triangles) that I’ve read and enjoyed. If you want to recommend some, please email me titles and authors (links if you’ve got them) here. Or you can always @ me on twitter.  If you write it, do feel free to self-recommend, too. I’ll split this up by stuff I’ve read and stuff I haven’t (yet).

Books I’ve read and enjoyed enough to recommend.

Two series by Laurell K Hamilton both of these series have mild to moderate kink.

*First one, and my favorite is the Anita Blake series. I feel the polyamory is more realistic in this series, and I just love Anita a lot. First few books don’t have a lot of poly in them, but there’s some right from the get go. First one is Guilty Pleasures. 

*I also enjoy her Merry Gentry series, but… enh, the sex gets a little gratuitous at times and largely unbelievable. It’s a great fantasy, but I just prefer a bit more gritty reality to my fiction. First one here is A Kiss of Shadows

Regardless of my preferences, I do recommend both series just for the voice and the writing abilities of Ms. Hamilton.

*The Original Sinners Series by Tiffany Reisz When I first discovered this series, which has both accurate kink AND polyamory, I was over the moon. I tore through all six of them in a week. I read fast, but I don’t think I did laundry or dishes that week. (oops) The books read a little like a series of connected short stories, but other than that slight critique, I loved them. Her characterizations, writing style and voice are always a sure bet to carry me away. I’ll never get enough of Kingsley and Soren. Umph. This series has the best flogging scene I’ve ever read, and as I read a lot of kink, and write it too, that’s saying something. First one here is The Siren.

*Kushiel’s Legacy and Namaah’s Trilogy by Jacqueline Carey. I have a few editorial issues with the first series of books, but they’ve been my favorites for upwards of a decade. I had to buy the digital copies because my paper ones are absolutely falling apart I’ve read them so much. The author hits all my buttons in these two series. Polyamory, mild to moderate kink, ethnic and sexual diversity, all set in a historical fantasy world that I’d move to if I could. Other than the characters *I* write, the two Main Characters in the first trilogy of Kushiel’s Legacy, Jocelin and Phedre, are my absolute favorite romantic couple of all time. (I read romance, a LOT, and other than my own characters, these two hold my heart. I’d give a lot for more books with them in it.) First in Kushiel’s is, Kushiel’s Dart. In Namaah’s, it’s Namaah’s Kiss.

*Stranger in a Strange Land, Time Enough for Love and Friday by Robert A Heinlein. A lot more than these three books of his have polyamory, but these are the ones I love the best. That said, it’s often not a modern, ethical ideal of polyamory, and there are a few issues with his writing. I still love these books, though.

*The Black Jewel’s Series by Anne Bishop Dark fantasy that I ripped through rather quickly when I first discovered them. First book here is Daughter of the Blood

*If you like YA and Coming-of-Age fantasy, you could pick up Mercedes Lackey’s lovely Valdemar series. It does more than hint at polyamory, but it’s not explicitly stated. I found these books when I was 17 and have loved them since.

*The Forester: A Triad in Three Acts by Blaine Arden. This is elvish polyamory and I did enjoy it immensely. I reviewed it here.

*While Jamie Zakian’s  coming-of-age criminal thriller isn’t a romance, and while the Ashby series doesn’t explicitly state that the relationships are poly, they’re polyamorous enough to make my non-monogamous heart happy. Plus the writing is fast paced and heart-wrenching. These books make me laugh and cry every time. First one here is Ashby Holler and I reviewed book two, Blood and Tears, with tears on my face none-the-less, here. If you want to feel and you liked Sons of Anarchy, these books are great.

I’d be a really bad businesswoman if I didn’t take the opportunity to push my own work, now wouldn’t I?

*My Mothmen is a paranormal romance (shifters) novella of two high school sweethearts who loved and lost one another, after university, he came back to their hometown with his lover, and both guys get the girl. M/M/F polyamory with accurate RACK kink. Reviews of it can be found on Amazon or Cara Sutra, here are descriptions of all my books , and the first page is here.

I’m always happy to send a copy of any of my pubbed works to someone in exchange for an unbiased review.

*My Yahui’s Suspension is also M/M/F polyamory, but this is straight up, lol (or kinky, twisty, turvy) erotica. It’s highly reviewed, though, and takes place in my Science Fantasy world Ilavani. There’s a trilogy or more of books in that series–first two written–that are sitting in the query trenches now, so, here’s hoping. Review of Yahui’s Suspension can be found on Cara Sutra with my other titles, description is here.

*My Anna’s Choice isn’t kinky, but it is a polyamorous set of twins for Anna, this is historical erotica.

*My Ilavani is polyamorous, pansexual and has autistic own-voice representation. It has accurate (own voices) kink, and mixed race characters, many of whom have mental health disorders. It’s by far and away my queerest title.

All of my work from #Mothmen to #Ilavani and Blood-Bound, book one of #AceAssassin have some amount of polyamory in them. The second serial of the Mothmen series will be out before spring, and my novel-length WIP Ace Assassin is heading to the query trenches as soon as it’s finished.

I am very likely missing some, and I’ll add them as I think of them.

Books I’ve yet to read and will pick up at first opportunity.

*I’m looking forward to The Art of Three by Racheline Maltese and Erin McRae. I currently have Snare on my kindle app, but haven’t quite gotten there yet. I’ve read Tremontaine Season 1, (my review can be found here) and I know I love Racheline’s voice, so it’s simply a matter of getting through my review books to get to the reading-for-pleasure books.

*Starling also has polyamorous side characters, and Racheline let me know via twitter that the sequels will have more for the main characters.

*Hannah Moskowitz’s 3 is polyamorous YA (squee!) and she hints at it in Gena/Finn

The Troll Slayer by Missouri Dalton

Tell Me How This Ends by Victoria De La O

The Dom with the Safe Word 

*I recently found this Goodreads list for fiction books containing polyamory, and I’ll start trying to find some of these soonest. Lol, you’ll note a lot of my favorites are already on there.

So there you have it, send me your recommendations too, so we can all get more polyamorous romance to read. 😀

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