You may have seen me around twitter, you may have read my work, what you may not know (because I don’t advertise a lot) is that I developmentally edit and critique partner with several multiply-published authors.

I’m good at what I do. Lol, epic in fact, to toot my own horn.

I’ve real-life, in-the-flesh friends on the ground at #StandingRock. I feel strongly that it’s wrong to push this through. In so many ways, it’s wrong.

Following some other notable examples, I’m putting my skills where my mouth is.

Choose a service from here. Donate the amount listed/service to any of the places listed in the link How To Help StandingRock, and send screenshot proof to my email address: kaelan dot rhywiol at gmail dot com (or click here).

This is an open offer for purchase until December 31st, or until #StandingRock is free of this threat. I may extend the offer beyond the 31st depending on what’s going on then. I will honor any donations for my services after the purchase date expires, of course. (Meaning I’ll schedule anyone wanting a service through 2016 and 2017 until the donations are finished.)

Short services will be faster on turn around, and if you want to DM/PM me on twitter or Facebook to confirm time slots available before donating that’s okay too. First developmental edit slot open as I write this is for Dec 1, 2016. Shorter critiques will be faster on turn around, but they’ll also fill up faster. This is for Adult Genre, in any of the fields I work with.

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Let’s all stand with Standing Rock.