My Library

What do I like to read? Well, pretty much everything that has great characterization and fantastic world building. I prefer to read Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, Fantasy, Scifi, Thriller and Horror.

Running list on twitter of my favorite authors and why I love them.

My Library:

I’m an inveterate bookworm.  I usually have three or four books going at once. I’m a ridiculously fast reader, on average (Even when I’m doing other things, not exclusively reading) I can read a 500 page book a day.  I really love to read urban fantasy, supernatural romance and erotica, mystery, thriller and so many other genres.  I’ve reviewed many of my favorite authors below, with links to their websites, in case you, like I, NEED something new to read.  Click the authors name to go to their website. Check back often as I’m always looking for and trying out new authors, and I often find them!

J.R.Ward: Black Dagger Brotherhood.  I adore this series. She’s made my automatic pre-order new books list, which considering how many books are in my personal library takes a bit these days.  Her Vampire characters are deeply thought out, well written and perfectly imperfect.  They’re strong alpha characters for those of us who like that (which I do), and the world building she’s put into her idea is epic.  The characters and series take me on a much-needed vacation whenever a new book comes out, or whenever I reread the series.  She writes the sex and emotions so realistically that I often find myself hot under the collar or crying into a box of tissues when reading her books. A warning, the books are addictive!! You’ll not want to read just one. I highly recommend her BDB series. 

 Laurell K Hamilton: Anita Blake and Merry Gentry series.  I’ve been reading these series for a little more than a decade now, and Ms. Hamilton is another author who writes fascinating characters, well-imagined, and well-realized worlds and hot sex.  As with Ms. Ward, I wish her characters were real.  Reading the new books when they come out is a necessity for me; it’s always like visiting old friends and family now.  I highly recommend both series if you haven’t read them yet.  I can’t wait for the next books to release; I’m looking forward to Crimson Death In June 2016. (Yes pre-ordered!).  

 Jacqueline Carey: Kushiels Legacy Series and Naamah Series:  There aren’t enough words for me to describe how very much I love the high fantasy world building, well developed and well-written characters or how many times Ms. Carey makes me laugh, cry or wish Terre d’ange were real. I’m still in love with both Jocelyn and Phedre.  If you haven’t read the series yet, Hie Thee to wherever you get books and read them!

 Jeaniene Frost: Night Huntress Series  I love the strong characterization, different mythology, the world building and especially the way Ms. Frost makes me laugh out loud.  She writes brilliant dialogue, sexy vampires and great sex.  Love Cat, she’s a really kick-ass heroine who isn’t perfect, Bones is amazing, the Author makes me wish he were real. 

 Nalini Singh: Guild Hunter and Psy-Changling Series: The characters and plots are awesome in both series, and she’s made my auto-buy list.  (It’s a really short list) I utterly adore both series.  On top of masterful writing, you also get stellar world building.  My favorite part? That Ms. Singhs male characters respect and treat their female counterparts as skilled, valued members of their lives. She also makes me literally laugh out loud, frequently! Go, Read!!

 Tiffany Reisz Original Sinners: For someone like me, who lives the lifestyle as well as writing about it, it’s really hard to find an author who writes good kink. Ms. Reisz does it and does it panties meltingly well! On top of accurate kink, we get fantastic characters, love stories that make me hug the book and excellent plot.  Also on my auto-buy list.  

 Darynda Jones Charley Davidson Series: I rarely laugh out loud, literally I mean. This series is fantastic and I laugh uproariously every time I read them. Excellent characterization and Darynda writes a sexy as fuck hero. Highly recommended. 

 Anthony Ryan Raven’s Shadow Series and Slab City Blues: Epic world building and fantastic characterization. I eagerly look forward to every new installment of either series. 

 Mark Lawrence Broken Empire and Red Queen’s War: Epic fantasy world building with a gritty flavor all it’s own. Fantastic darkness and characterization. These are wonderful books. 

Joe Abercrombie The First Law and Shattered Sea: Another epic fantasist who sucks me into his worlds from the first word. Wonderful characterization that I can empathize with. Story and character arcs that are page turning and satisfying.

Brent Weeks: Night Angel and Lightbringer: I admit, as much as I love the lightbringer series, (I really do), the Night Angel series will always hold a very high place in my heart. It has everything that I love in fantasy.

 Jim Butcher: Harry Dresden Series: I could gush about this series for hours, but I won’t. Just go read it, it’s THAT good.

Peter V. Brett I adore his Demon Cycle series. Characterization, unique concepts, fast paced plot, all of it.