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Occasionally I write short stories and vignettes just because I want to, or I need to be writing something other than the books. Recently a fan told me I should make them available, so I decided to publish them cheaply on Kindle for my readers. The length of the work is directly related to price. The lower the price the shorter the piece. Rarely are they more than 6k words, though Nera’s need is close to 7k. The list follows with ‘buy it here’ links to There are links below each cover that take you to a free preview.

A Harsher Kiss:

A short vignette where Li gets the flogging and rough fuck she’s been wanting all day.

A Harsher Kiss Ebook cover


A Dancer’s Hope

A Dancer's Hope Ebook cover

A vignette of F/F lovers. Taya fisting Andi.

Mothmen: Myths and Legends Volume One: Novella through Multifarious Press of 18k words: $.99USD


First page of Mothmen

Cara Sutra Review of MOTHMEN 9/10 


Or buy a copy by sending the requisite amount through paypal or skrill to and I’ll send it to you either in PDF or Epub or Mobi.

TRIGGER WARNING: Deals with suicidal ideation, death from heroin overdose.

Dr. Shealyn MacConnelly, PH.D buried her father on her birthday, and getting drunk to mourn both her father and brother seemed the thing to do.

Rian, Shea’s long lost beloved recently moved back to town with his lover, Jai. Returning from a project, he finds out her father has died.

Jai and Rian have a secret, one that Shea needs to know. They’ll have to convince the stubborn scientist before it’s too late and she learns it for herself, the hard way.

A kinky, erotic romance novella with R.A.C.K style BDSM and a m/m/f polyamorous relationship.

Nera’s Need: $.99  Buy it here

Cara Sutra Review


Nera is a hybrid. Half Gargoyle, Half Human. Her kind are rare, but one thing she’s always known is that someday, her body would force her to take a simulacrum lover. Given as sim-mate to Ciersten on the day she turned eighteen she’s ignored her need, and him, for centuries. Now her body has taken the option of choice from her, and she needs to call him to her to ease her burning desire for him. She must submit to his ownership of her very being in order to get what she needs from him. Can she make herself kneel? An erotic paranormal vignette exploring the first time Nera accepts Ciersten as lover and Master. Gentle Domination and submission.

Yahui’s Suspension: $.99USD  Buy it here 


10/10!! Cara Sutra Review of Yahui’s Suspension

TRIGGER WARNING for Erotic Piercing.

Serving the Drákon: $.99USD Buy it here

Faylan is a priestess in an order that serves the Drákon. Dragon warriors who protect humanity with their strength and lives. To remain sane, the Drákon must bond with and be served by a human priestess. To achieve the blood bond, Faylan must submit her body to Bahadur, an ancient, mateless Drákon.

Erotic submission with anal sex, stretching, and dragons.


Cara Sutra Review of Serving the Drákon 

Anna’s Choice: $.99USD Buy it here

TRIGGER WARNING for dubious consent, mild incest, and sexual abuse.

Anna is torn from her life as a street waif because her noble father needs her. She is given the choice to work with her father to gain control of lands and money the likes of which the bastard born daughter of a whore could never dream of. The only price is having sex with twin guards to get pregnant before marrying her mark.

Hey… if you have to sell yourself, charge what the market will bear right?

This is a polyamorous vignette with no kink, but it has twins for Anna. 


Cara Sutra Review of Anna’s Choice