Manuscript Wish List #MSWL. Updated September 12, 2017

#ownvoices works take precedence for me. I’m looking to get more diversity by diverse people into the world. All wished for manuscripts should be read as own voices preferred.

  1. An erotic romance with accurate history about King James and his torrid m/m love affairs while simultaneously loving and respecting his queen, Anne. Article on the topic.
  2. Diverse fairy tale retellings. I want LGBTQUIA+ &/or disabled/PoC retellings of all the classic fairy tales, but feel free to twist the tropes and concepts HARD. I’d also really love to publish some non-European folk tales and stories written by someone FROM the culture.
  3. Polyamory, I want more ethical polyamorous romance so badly. Bonus if it’s kinky, but it doesn’t have to be.
  4. I want a rich urban fantasy with a disabled and/or neurodivergent MC who kicks ass while coping with their disabilities.
  5. Lush historical fantasy/alternate history with dragons, or elves and magic, 2nd world fantasy is my favorite type of fantasy, so wow me by twisting tropes, typical MCs and settings.
  6. I always love and acquire well-written vampires. They can be sexy or scary or anything in between but they need to be well-written.
  7. Diverse Mermaids. Fat mermaids, trans mers, PoC mermaids, man-eating lesbian mermaids… you get the idea.
  8. Indigenous stories by indigenous voices.
  9. Weres, but I want different weres, either the relationship dynamic has to be different, or the critter they shift into has to be, something needs to make it different from everyone else’s weres.
  10. Submissive males in kinky fiction. Inexperienced Dom/mes.
  11. Bisexuality as fact (coming out/self-discovery stories are fantastic, but I want more where it’s already a given).
  12. An autistic main character in spec fic or romance. Own Voices ONLY
  13. Non-binary main characters
  14. Acespec and arospec main characters, especially in romance. Can be clean/non-explicit for these.