Editing giveaway

Many of you know I had to crowdfund my new computer, and that the only reason I have the tools I need to do my work is through the generosity of strangers.

To pay that forward, I’m offering a mentorship to include access to picking my brain for feedback, a full developmental edit, and a copy edit plus a proofread for a manuscript of my choice. The full price value of this would be well over 2000$ if I were charging for it.

Until I went freelance, I worked as an editor for small-press for several years. I have a minor in creative writing and another in English literature, I’m also a published author.

To enter your manuscript for consideration, please follow the rules. I’ll announce the lucky recipient when I find them, so it’ll be an ongoing rolling sort of situation.

Because this is a lot of work for me, (a full developmental plus copy edit is roughly 3 to 8 weeks of 4 to 5 hour days or more, that’s why they’re so expensive) I’m going to need to love the piece and really believe in it.

So, how to enter?

It has to be one of my favorite genres, listed below.

Paranormal romance

Historical romance

SFF romance

Fantasy (Urban or High)

Other varieties of Speculative fiction

Queer characters are a huge plus, as is polyamory and accurate kink. ANY own voices diversity is a definite win for me. I desperately want to see more diverse stories on shelves.

NA or Adult only, please.

Yes, that means NO YA. Sorry, unless it’s super, super dark, I’m not considering YA. (If you’ve got a super dark one, you can send an email asking for consideration with the same things I need for the others but it’s unlikely. The percentages of YA that actually capture me are minimal.) You should also know I don’t know the YA market that well, so I wouldn’t be the best at helping a YA book in any case.


NO GROOMING/CHILD ABUSE STORIES, they trigger me badly.

Minimal domestic abuse is okay, but if the story revolves around that, I probably won’t pick it.

What to send?

Send a query email that is similar to something you’d send an agent. Include genre, word count, age range of the manuscript (IE NA/A) include a blurb, long synopsis (up to 5 pages), and the first chapter of the book to kaelan.rhywiol@gmail.com


In the body of the email, please tell me why you could never afford my services otherwise, you don’t need to be too detailed, but as this is to pay it forward for someone helping me when I really needed it, I’d like to do the same for someone else. Give me enough to judge who needs my help the most.


I think I’ll be ready and able to do the mentorship over the late spring perhaps summer of 2019, so send me your emails! I won’t respond to them, (I have a feeling I’ll be inundated) so use an email tracker to make sure I got it. (You should get an auto-response saying it’s been delivered, if I can figure out how to make one.) I’ll simply announce the winner of the mentorship when I find them.

Please don’t enter unless you have a completed, polished manuscript to send me at the time of entering the giveaway. I’m looking to provide free editing of a completed book to someone who really needs it. 🙂