Autistic Parenting: Why does my kid do that?

So. I’m writing a book, shocker right? (That’s a joke, I write for a living.)

I’ve created this page as a landing point for people wanting to know how the project is going. I’m going to put my outline, some text-samples and updated posts about when to expect it here.

I ran into a problem when I tried to crowd-fund this project. Kickstarter and many others insisted on having my legal name (which is my dead name, and I don’t even use it in real life except on paperwork) attached to my creator name/pseudonym.

Now, while I’d be fine giving that information to the company because they need it for tax reasons and to know that I’m a real person, I’m NOT willing to be forcibly outed for this project.

I use a pseudonym because I’ve been the victim of a LOT of harassment, including death threats, because I write queer, kinky fiction and because I’m outspoken about social justice issues.

I’m not willing to endanger my family for this, and that’s what having my legal name associated with my pseudonym would potentially do.

The other crowdfunding sites had terrible payout structures, and in order to be able to afford to write this book, I need upfront cash.

There are two reasons for that. This is not my usual type of project. I usually write fiction, which is both my love AND likely to pay me enough to keep doing this writing thing.

Also, part of what I feel really needs to be included in this book, if I can find people willing to write them, are essays from autistic people who have survived ABA therapy.

I’m not asking for that kind of emotional labor unless I can actually pay them in hard currency for it.

So. Instead of using a crowdfunding site, I’m asking for people to donate via paypal based on the following donation structure levels. It’s a lot like kickstarter, there will be reward structures, I’ll report on how the project is going et cetera… we’re just cutting out the middleman.

Because I really don’t trust traditional publishing with this project, and the idea of querying it to agents made me physically ill because of how badly querying my fiction wrecked my mental health.


Outline (This is subject to change, as more or less information becomes available.

Where the kickstarting money is going to go, a breakdown.

My kickstarter profile

Kickstarter link, in case you want to support the project.