Autistic Authors

As with all of my lists, this one will be ever growing. I’ll try to review as many as I can, but I’m swamped for reviewing.

I’m going to split the page up by age group, then genre, then on each subsequent page, I’ll split it up by ownvoice w/on the page rep, and those written by out autistic authors.

I don’t feel it’s my place to put the authors I code as autistic here. Though I do have several I do.

I’ve asked permission for/or they are obviously out for anyone on this list. (Meaning, for the latter, that they list themselves as autistic somewhere or the author themselves has given me the information.)

If the following headings don’t have a linked page, I don’t have any titles yet for it, or I haven’t had a chance to get them up.

Without Further Ado:

Picture Books

Middle Grade

Young Adult

New Adult


Other (poetry, religion/spirituality/self help etc)

Goodreads list of ALL fiction titles (anyone can add books to the list, so I can’t personally vouch for if they’re written by autistic authors or not.)

I found a few more Goodreads lists

Books by ActuallyAutistic authors  (Not just fiction)

Some titles cross over in genre and age groupings, just because that’s what the book does. I’m not trying to be repetitive. (I tend to really love genre-benders anyway.)

If you’d like your work on the lists (self-pub is always okay because we rarely find agents!) Please email me at

Give me as much info in the email as you can please, links, blurb, etc. It’ll make it easier for me to keep the list up to date.

Please feel free to let me know if I’m missing an age group, genre or author. Thanks!

These book lists of mine… I do them out of love, but they do take a lot of time that I’m not paid for. So if you can spare anything?

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