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Query Swap Twitter event

Coming June 1, 2017

Your hook is your selling point. It has to be perfect. But getting

good feedback can often be difficult or expensive. That’s why M.L.

Keller—The Manuscript Shredder—is organizing the #QuerySwap

Twitter party, an all-day event for people seeking critique partners

to participate in feedback exchanges on query letters or back cover

blurbs. The query swap Twitter party is designed to help writers

connect with other writers. And since this is an exchange, both

parties will benefit.

Query Swap is happening from

8am-8pm EST on June 1, 2017.

Query Swap isn’t a contest. It’s an opportunity for writers to help

other writers. There won’t be mentors or agents. This is for writers

only. Each participant will have the opportunity to find a new

critique partner and exchange feedback on queries. Everyone gets

feedback. Everyone’s query improves. Everyone wins.

How to participate:

1) Tweet a brief pitch about your MS with the tag #QuerySwap

include genre and age category hashtags. (They might look

familiar; they are the same as #Pitmad) No need to tweet

multiple times since you can search the feed and look for a

match too.

2) Watch the feed and find someone with an MS in a similar genre,

category, and tone

3) Ask him/her to swap

4) Exchange queries

5) Give constructive feedback to your new Critique Partner.

Can I just recycle my #pitmad pitch?

Maybe, but it might need tweaking. In this swap, genre, category,

and overall MS tone will be more important than plot in finding a

good match. Someone with a snarky sensibility might be less

suited to selling your Anne of Green Gables retelling, so make sure

you look for a person who writes in a similar style.

example pitches:

#LGBT historic retelling of Frog Prince set in Polynesia also

dragons #YA #F #R #QuerySwap


Dark portal fantasy with family drama and talking cats #MG #F

#DIS #QuerySwap

Obviously, these won’t work for #pitmad, but they convey the

necessary information for this event.

Hashtags … (These are the same as #pitmad)

Age Categories:

#PB = Picture Book

#C = Children’s

#CB = Chapter Book

#CL = Children’s Lit

#MG = Middle Grade

#YA = Young Adult

#NA = New Adult

#A = Adult


#AA = African American

#AD = Adventure

#CF = Christian Fiction

#CON = Contemporary

#CR = Contemporary Romance

#DIS = Disabilities

#DV = Diversity

#E = Erotica

#ER = Erotic Romance

#ES = Erotica Suspense

#F = Fantasy

#H = Horror

#HA = Humor

#HF = Historical Fiction

#HR = Historical Romance

#INSP = Inspirational

#IRMC = Interracial/Multicultural

#MR = Magical Realism

#M = Mystery

#Mem = Memoir


#LF = Literary Fiction

#NF = Non-fiction

#R = Romance

#P = Paranormal

#PR = Paranormal Romance

#RS = Romantic Suspense

#S = Suspense

#SF = SciFi

#SPF = Speculative Fiction

#T = Thriller

#UF = Urban Fantasy

#W = Westerns

#WF = Woman’s Fiction

Some tips:

1) Don’t flood the feed with pitches for the same book. Pitching

multiple books is ok

2) Pitch only books you are querying

3) Don’t just wait for someone to ask you first. Be proactive.

4) Use the hashtags to simplify your search.

5) Be polite.

6) Remember this is a swap. Both parties must give feedback

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