I have PTSD. Can’t remember if I’ve ever talked about it, but yeah.

I’m also a recovered cutter. That’s someone who cuts themselves because reasons.

I’ve had clinical depression.

I have anxiety.

I’m autistic.

I have fibromyalgia.

I lost my younger brother to heroin overdose 3 years ago. MOTHMEN is soooo own voices in regards to sibling death.

and I absolutely cannot take another second of the bullshit on my blog. I just want to write books.

I could delete all the comments, but I feel, somehow, that it’s disingenuous. Besides, they’ve been screenshot already.

I do not have a moral obligation to anyone except my family of choice.

I live in North America, Canada, and until Frump manages to repeal internet freedom, I have the right and ability to follow and unfollow, based on my own judgment and preferences whomever I want to on twitter.

It’s 4am here, and I’m sitting here wondering if a person in another country that I’ve chosen to unfollow on social media can sue me for things other people have said on my blog.

I just…

My brain is echoing with static and I’m covered in a cold sweat from a panic attack. I just…

All I want out of life is enough patrons helping with a buck or three a month to keep me writing until I can manage to make it pay.

All I want is to write books, my experience of intersectional diversity and to speak out against bullying.

I figured I’d take some heat from the blog posts about bullying, I’m good with that, because I know my turf there.

I didn’t expect this shitstorm about something I wasn’t even involved in.

Yeah, shell-shocked… PTSD trigger…