Didn’t need that

I didn’t need that kind of pain tonight. It’s already hard enough to figure out my own identity without you telling me I’m pretending. We have wonderful voices like Meleika, tweeting and telling us that we’re enough, that we’re whole, that we’re loved and accepted as being mixed race. This is referencing this comment here on my blog.

Then we have people like you, who tell people like me we’re ‘pretending’.

And you know? You’re the second, nameless, faceless person to do this to me in one week.

And if people are talking about me behind my back? Gods, what are we, in high school?

For the record, I hated high school.

If people are talking about me behind my back, maybe they need to put on their big-girl panties and talk to me privately, with a name attached to their account (since obviously they can’t be bothered to claim their words publicly) and possibly provide proof to their claims.

You hurt me honey, but since I’m not PoC enough for you, I’m not a ‘person’ enough for you, I guess I have to suck it up and deal with the pain.

S’okay, I’m good at dealing with pain. I’ve got lots, I’m used to it.

You just added a little bit more.