We’re All Mad Here.

Writers that is. I mean it, I think that quote from Lewis Carroll definitely sums up the writer community.

Who else can understand us as well as another person who does what we do?

Who knows just how freaking crazy it is to sit alone for days and weeks of our lives to put words on a page to share with the world.

Share a slice of our madness, of our souls.

Yet, though I call us mad (in the best way possible) I have rarely met a more giving, kind, well intentioned group of people than the community of writers on twitter.

I’m reading an amazing book by an amazing author and it just blows me away that this person is a colleague. That their words may be, in some small way, influenced by me.

That my stories may be (already have been) influenced by these other great writers. It eases that feeling of isolation so many writers have and I’m sappily grateful that writer twitter exists.

The people I’ve ‘met’ and grown to care for, even at a distance and likely to never meet in person, are such a gift to me.

Thank you.

We may all be mad here, but the best ones are.