I ventured off into the wilds of suburbia today to grab a few things from the market for thanksgiving dinner (Canadian one, we celebrate both being a family with dual citizens) and on the way home… I had a huge reminder of how life can change in a second.

A passenger car ahead of me wrecked. T-boned. No survivors. Too much traffic to detour, so we had to wait for emergency response to get to the scene to clear the road.

I’ve been a first responder and though my skills aren’t up to date, you still try. Especially when you’re the only one who can. Sometimes there’s nothing you can do, there wasn’t.

The day before Thanksgiving, family was probably traveling to be with theirs.

It takes a second of distracted driving to change, to stop lives.

Even young ones.

Remember, please, in all you do, it takes seconds. Your life is made up of moments, and you choose how those moments are used.

A second to glance at a cell phone or to click like on a post or to hurt someone’s feelings. A second to offer support to a struggling internet friend. A second to hold a hug with an elder. A second to smile at a child. A second of ill thought out temper to sever a relationship.

A second.

Take a second and hug someone you love, or send a message to a friend, or give yourself an encouraging mental pat on the back.

It takes just a second.

It also takes just a second to hurt someone. My friend, Erin Jeffreys Hodges, is having a bad time with that right now.