Lol… some days I really wonder why I share what I write. The days when I get multiple rejections from agents or publishers (in a row… had 4 in one day, making it a total of 7 for the past week). Those are the days when I think about going back to writing just for myself and not putting my words, myself, out there. Not letting anyone else read what I write.

Then I get a review from someone who loved something I wrote. Or I get an email, or an @ on twitter. (Like these)

Those are the days that make it all worth it.

Writers, unless they hit it really big, usually make around 10k a year. That’s it. We aren’t rock stars, and we’ll never be rich and famous (not most of us).

I’m compelled to write, I have all of these stories in my head that have to find an outlet. Writing is an escape, a source of joy (most of the time) and once in a while a source of hair pulling frustration.

But today? I feel like a rock star. I’m high on the joy of knowing that my words, my imagination, made someone’s life better. For even the tiny moment in time it takes to transport my reader to my world.

Thank you, everyone, who reads my words or follows me and reaches out to say whatever you want to say to me. It makes it worth it.  🙂

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