Twitter blew up

So, yesterday twitter kinda blew up and an unapologetic racist got twitter dragged. I don’t have a lot to say about the inciting incident, but the thing I do need to say is that everyone needs to LISTEN.

It’s not the job of anyone who is marginalized to teach those with privilege to do better. So many people ask, ‘if not them, then who?’

I’m marginalized in many ways, (pansexual, chronically ill, sizeism, neurodiverse, I’m grace. I have body modifications, I’m pagan and kinky) but I have white privilege because by a trick of genetics (I’m mixed) my skin is pretty light unless I’ve been in the sun. It’s my job (as it is anyone’s who is light skinned in the year 2016) to be aware. To listen and read the stories of those who put themselves out there to try to teach what it’s like to live life in a darker skin. The teachers are there, all you have to do is a simple internet search to hear the stories of anyone who is marginalized.

Pick an issue, you can find out what someone’s experience is of being gay, grace, fat, aspie, chronically ill, religiously marginalized or penalized and those who are terrorized throughout their entire lives due to skin color.

The wrong thing to do when you go and read the articles? Is to tell that person that *they* are wrong because you either don’t like what they say, it doesn’t fit your perspective, or you don’t want it to be true.

Listen. That’s all. It’s a pretty simple concept. Listen and try to learn from the words of those who are speaking.

‘Cause I can tell you from experience when you put yourself out there to say, ‘this hurts, please stop’ and you’re told you’re in the wrong for feeling that way? It damages, it’s a form of bullying and oppression. It infuriates, it’s flat out wrong. No one likes to be wrong, but if you are… apologize, listen, learn. The end.

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